Public Administration Theory Network Board Members

Roy L. Heidelberg, Chair

Roy L. Heidelberg is an associate professor at Louisiana State University. He teaches courses on public administration theory and history as well as courses on public policy and decision making. His research interests include democratic theory, the tensions between democratic values and administrative designs, early Progressive political theory, technology and design, and accountability theory. His work can be found in Public Administration Review, Administrative Theory & Praxis, Administration & Society, Critical Policy Studies, and the American Review of Public Administration.

Billie Sandberg, Vice Chair

Billie Sandberg is an associate professor of Public Administration and Director of The Nonprofit Institute at Portland State University. She teaches graduate courses in nonprofit management, leadership, marketing, social entrepreneurship, ethics, organizational behavior, and program evaluation. Her research focuses on the application of critical social theory to issues of public governance, with a particular focus on philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. She is a co-editor of and contributor to Reframing Nonprofit Organizations: Democracy, Inclusion, and Social Change (Melvin & Leigh Press, 2019) and has published work in journals such as Administration & Society, Administrative Theory & Praxis, and the Journal of Public Affairs Education.

Laura C. Hand, Treasurer

Laura C. Hand is an assistant professor at the University of North Dakota in a joint position between the Master of Public Administration and Master of Public Health programs. She teaches courses in research methods, health policy, program evaluation, and foundations of public administration. Her research interests focus on the role of street-level bureaucrats and their interactions with the people they serve, with a specific interest in the interpersonal, communicative, and processual elements of those encounters. Her work can be found in Administrative Theory & PraxisAdministration & Society, and Perspectives on Public Management and Governance

Nuri Heckler, Secretary

Nuri Heckler is an assistant professor of Public Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, teaching human relations, race, gender, nonprofit management, and administrative law. His research focuses on discovering influences that dominate most of public life, such as whiteness, masculinity, and consumer/aspirational class, and exposing those institutions for free and open debate. He is a proud parent of two and a tenacious bicycle commuter.

Sean McCandless

Sean McCandless works as an assistant professor of public administration at the University of Illinois at Springfield. In addition to being the associate director of the Doctorate in Public Administration program, Sean teaches classes on public management, the policy process, leadership, ethics, and social equity. His research focuses on accountability for social equity, especially how and why governments do or do not make fairness a priority and the effects of these actions. He is a frequent guest speaker on social justice issues.​

Sebawit Bishu

Sebawit G. Bishu is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Affairs (SPA) at the University of Colorado Denver. Her research interests center around gender equity, urban governance, organizational behavior, and public management. Dr. Bishu currently applies her interests within the context of health and human service organizations as well as local governments within the U.S. and the Sub Saharan Africa region. Dr. Bishu has published in peer-reviewed journals such as Administration and SocietyAmerican Review of Public Administration and Review of Public Personnel Administration.

Anthony Starke

Anthony Starke is an assistant professor of public affairs the University of Colorado Denver. His work revolves broadly around issues of democracy, identity, citizenship, and equity, with specific interests in vulnerable and traditionally marginalized populations and public service education. His research examines the role of public administrators in constructing the identity of target populations and how public service education can help promote positive social constructions and equitable outcomes. Dr. Starke has published in Administrative Theory & Praxis, Journal of Public Affairs Education, State and Local Government Review, Metropolitan Universities Journal and several book chapters and technical reports.